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Golf Course in Boone, NC.  

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New Nature
Landscapes, Inc.

Oak Ridge, NC
(336) 382-7086


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Now that spring is upon us hereís whatís on the horizon:

Forecasts are for lower than normal rainfall this summer so mow at higher settings (4-5 inches) which shades the ground more thus preserving moisture.  

When watering your lawn you should put out an inch of water to thoroughly wet the is better to water one good time a week vs. several light waterings.

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Review Your Contract
Maintenance contracts for 2008 have been completed and delivered. Please take the time to review, sign, and return a signed copy to us. If you have questions, donít hesitate to contact us.


Sign Up for Tree Service
Donít wait for the next hurricane or ice storm to take down a damaged or dying tree on your property. Even if youíre not an existing New Nature client, we can arrange a tree service consultation. We use a certified arborist and can take care of all aspects of tree care, from tree removal and disposal to pruning and stump grinding.


New Nature offers a variety of quality services that will enhance and improve any area with a natural look and feel.  The outdoor area of any home or business is the first thing that invites people to come in or come home to.


The purpose of New Nature Landscapes is to create designs that will add value to any home or property.  Aside from monetary value, customers will be able to enjoy and relax in a natural escape in their own backyard.


Company Profile

New Nature Landscapes was established in 1989 and is insured and bonded. 

North Carolina Registered Landscape Contractor

Herbicide and Pesticide Licensed

Member of the North Carolina Landscape and Contractors Association

ICPI and NCMA Certified with hard capes, retaining walls, and patios.

The primary services provided are design, plant installation, stonework, decorative brickwork: 
patios, retaining walls, walkways, etc.., water features
, and lawn and garden maintenance.

All plant material installed by New Nature is warranted for one year.

I, Keith Huckabee, am the owner of New Nature Landscapes.
I have been in the green industry for nearly
30 years and in business for myself for over 20 years.  
I am very fortunate to have a career that allows me to do what I love. 

My passion is to create designs that are focused on the personality of the customer, home, or business.  
I enjoy creating environments that look as natural as possible.  
I am also known for using unique and unusual plantings. 

References are available upon request.



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