Successful Gardening Tips for December

  • Fertilize winter annuals like pansies for good flower production. Don't forget to deadhead them either.
  • Use cold wood ashes on your vegetable garden, bulb beds and lightly on your lawns. Wood ashes provide 2/3 the effect of a lime application in changing pH and are a good source of Potassium
  • Plant one or two year old asparagus crowns in the vegetable garden this month. Select all male hybrids to prevent seed production.
  • Prune berry producing plants if desired for arrangements over the holidays.
  • Remove "weed" or undesirable trees from your landscape.
  • Remove all tree leaves from the lawn. Use them in a compost pile.
  • Fertilize cool season lawns early in the month.
  • Take leaf cuttings of your favorite house plants like African violets and begonia.
  • Hardwood cuttings of landscape plants like forsythia (yellow bells), flowering quince, weigela, crape myrtle and hydrangea can be taken this month.
  • Put pine needles or wheat/barley straw over strawberry plants.
  • Keep living Christmas trees outside until you are ready to decorate. White pine is a recommended living tree for all of North Carolina. In the mountain region Fraser Fir is recommended for the higher elevations.
  • Order seed catalogs.
  • If frigid weather occurs, be cautious when covering shrubs. Cover only with burlap or white plastic. Remove any plastic material before direct sun exposure.
  • Keep your cut Christmas tree in water throughout the holiday season.
  • Order fruit trees and grape vines for February or March planting.





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